Pillow Perfection: Choosing the Right Pillow for You

A good night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold for today’s busy society, whether it’s because of young children, a busy career or just plain old insomnia. A solid eight hours is essential for functioning properly, and the right pillow can go a long way to turning a sleepless […]

Silentnight Geltex Pillow

5ft King Size Sealy Jubilee Ortho Posturepedic Anniversary Mattress

Do You Need a Posturepedic Mattress?   Recently updated !

You may have heard the term “Posturepedic” being used when reading or hearing about mattresses, but do you know what it actually means? The Posturepedic spring system is designed and used exclusively by mattress manufacturer Sealy, and it’s ideal for those looking for extra support while they sleep. If you’re […]

New Year, New Resolution, New Bed   Recently updated !

When was the last time you replaced your mattress? It’s generally recommended that mattresses are replaced every five to seven years – so, this new year, why not make it a case of out with the old and in with the new, and treat yourself to a new mattress or […]

5ft King Size Relyon Pocket Memory Classic Divan Set.

5ft King Size Breasley Uno Memory Pocket 2000 Mattress

The Perfect Mattress

Ever find yourself feeling a little less than fresh in a morning? An unsuitable or old mattress can have a lot more impact on your sleep that you may think, affecting your ability to fall asleep easily, causing disruption to our all-important REM sleep and even causing back or joint […]

Happy Anniversary

Your bed should make you happy. It should offer you the nightly gift of just the right amount of comfort and support, in perfect harmony. You should approach your bedroom each evening (or whatever time your shift finishes) with a sense of satisfaction that you are about to get the […]

5ft King Size Silentnight Anniversary Mirapocket Geltex Mattress

Julian Bowen Kimbo Cabin Bed.

Are There Monsters in Your Bed?

Forget the spring clean, the lead up to Christmas is the perfect time to give your house a freshen up, making way for Christmas decorations and new gifts. But while dusting the mantelpiece and making room for the Christmas tree might seem like enough, is there one part of your […]

Christmas and Unexpected Guests

If there’s ever a more likely time for unexpected overnight guests, then it’s over the Christmas period. Whether you suddenly have to put up Auntie Sylvie because she’s had one too many prosecco cocktails or a family visiting from overseas is faced with a cancelled flight and nowhere to stay, […]

140cm Gainsborough Aztec Sofa Bed with FREE SCATTER CUSHIONS!

5ft King Size Rest Assured Rufford Memory Pocket 2000 Mattress.

Introducing the King Size Rufford Memory Pocket 2000 Mattress

Are you looking for the perfect night’s sleep? Fed up of turning over in bed and feeling everything that goes bump in the night, from broken springs to dips in the mattress? Starting to get pain in your shoulders, back or joints from an uncomfortable sleeping experience? Your Health At […]

Spotlight on a Classic: The 5ft King Size Relyon Pocket Memory Mattress

One of the most enduring and popular mattresses we sell is the 5ft King Size Pocket Memory Classic from Relyon. They have been making outstanding beds and mattresses for many years since originally forming in 1935. With a motto that confirms that customer comfort is their top priority, they are […]

5ft King Size Relyon Pocket Memory Classic Divan Set

4ft6 Double Rest Assured Boxgrove Natural Pocket 1400 Mattress

What is a Natural Pocket Mattress?

Choosing the right mattress can be a challenge. Buying a new mattress is a major investment and everyone wants to make sure they choose the one that’s right for them. As each individual’s sleeping position varies so much, there’s a lot of different criteria as to what constitutes the perfect […]