What You Should Know about Sealy Smart Fibres

We all deserve a good night’s sleep. Today’s mattress technology is ever-evolving and Sealy seem to be leading the way in terms of comfort, support and tackling sleep-related health issues. When it comes to sleep and allergies, Sealy really do have you covered.

Sleep and Allergies

There are different reasons for suffering from disturbed sleep, but one big reason is because of allergens that are triggered by dust mites. This microscopic pest can be found living quite happily in our mattresses and pillows. In fact, there can be thousands of them found in the average mattress. But it’s not just the dust mites you have to contend with, as they also produce waste. If you suffer from allergies and asthma, then you really don’t want dust mites anywhere in your mattress. Sealy have now incorporated Smart Fibres into a range of their mattresses, meaning you have the same support and comfort you have always had from them, but in an allergy-free mattress. For example, the Sealy ActivSleep Pocket Memory Mattress incorporates the supportive structure of memory foam to sculpt to your body, while helping to stop dust mites from living in the mattress fibres.

Sealy Smart Fibres

One thing you need to know is that Sealy mattresses made with Sealy Smart Fibres, such as the Sealy Casoli Pocket Sprung Mattress which features a deep latex core, has the full backing of Allergy UK. These mattresses have been specifically designed for those individuals who have allergens and asthma. When they lay on a mattress that is harbouring dust mites, it can trigger an allergic reaction and an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Below we explore Sealy Smart Fibres in more detail and how they stop dust mites from living in the mattress.

Purotex Technology

Sealy Smart Fibres contain Purotex, and this property is responsible for creating a mattress that is free from dust mites. This is because Purotex constantly releases friendly bacteria that dust mites loathe, as they help to create a mattress that is free of moisture and mould. What you are left with is a hygienic mattress and no dust mites.

Cleans and Neutralises

When you choose to buy a mattress with Sealy Smart Fibres, what you are choosing is a mattress that will clean and neutralise itself, no matter if it has a deep latex core, features memory foam or pocket springs. The regular release of the healthy bacteria will keep the mattress clean and fresh, while neutralising any unpleasant odours at the same time.

The Fibres Contain Tencel

These specialist Sealy fibres contain Tencel, a naturally occurring material that is found in the eucalyptus plant. So, why is this important? Well, Tencel helps to regulate moisture control while reducing the growth of bacteria in damp environments, such as that of a damp mattress. It helps to keep the mattress dry and cool to the touch.

The Benefits of Using Tencel in a Mattress

There are many reasons why Sealy have chosen to use Tencel in their mattresses. One reason is that this naturally occurring material absorbs moisture and releases it slowly back into the atmosphere. This ensures that the mattress is always moisture free and dry.

Tencel is also an incredibly soft fibre, and is ideal for use in soft-touch mattresses such as the Sealy Nostromo Mattress, as it keeps the mattress soft and smooth. This, in turn, leads to less irritation of the skin.

The third benefit is that Tencel will keep you cool, even in the heat of summer. It keeps you cool so that you produce less sweat, and dust mites don’t like a dry and cool mattress.

The Mattress that will Last

We all want to get value for money, which means buying a mattress that will last. The great news is that when a mattress is made with Sealy Smart Fibres, you just know that this mattress will stand the test of time. It will not grow mould or harbour unwanted bacteria, it will remain fresh smelling, and you’ll be able to sleep comfortably and allergen-free for many years to come.

Why Choose a Mattress with Sealy Smart Fibres?

So, to conclude, Sealy Smart Fibres create a mattress environment that is free of dust mites and allergens. It does this by creating a mattress environment that is dry, cool and moisture-free. The mattresses are constantly flooded with healthy bacteria that suppress the growth of dust mites, mould and fungus. You also get a mattress that constantly smells clean and fresh.

Here at The Sleep Shop, we sell a range of Sealy mattresses that have Sealy Smart Fibres. These range from large single pocket spring mattresses for your little ones, right up to king-size memory foam mattresses. To learn more about This range of mattresses, please do browse our website today.