We Can Help You Sleep – Take a Look at Our Top Sleep Tips

Here at The Sleep Shop, we all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Making sure you get those 8 hours in is not only vital for your physical health, but also for your mental wellbeing, too. It helps us recharge for the day ahead, and has an impact on our exercise habits and concentration.

A high-quality bed and comfortable mattress is a great starting point, but we’ve also rounded up some of our other top tips to help you get that essential shut-eye.

Sleeping in the Heat

The warm weather is finally here (and hopefully, here to stay), but with that beautiful sunshine comes the dreaded hot nights, and sometimes, the inability to get a good night’s sleep.

Rather than tossing and turning all hours of the night, there’s a few things you can do to make those hot nights a little more enjoyable once you climb under the covers, apart from the standard fan and having the windows wide open.

Firstly, your brain actually needs to be cooler than the rest of your body for maximum shut-eye, so pop an eye mask into the fridge for an hour or so before getting into bed, and rest it on top of your forehead. Alternatively, you can get a menthol stick from your local chemist for a similar cooling sensation.

Your feet should also be cooler, so leave them hanging out of the covers, and if you really suffer in the heat, put your sheets in the fridge for a few minutes – trust us, it really works.

Limit Technology Time

We all spend too much time on our phones, tablets, and laptops, and this also applies when in the bedroom.

In order to get a great night’s sleep, the bedroom should be a calm, relaxing environment, and although you might think scrolling through Instagram or Twitter before bed is a great way to switch off, it actually has the opposite effect on your brain.

Try implementing a tech ban in the bedroom (not as scary as it sounds), and if you want to wind down by watching a movie or your favourite TV show, do it in another room. Avoid any screen time in the bedroom and instead, opt for a bestselling book.

Stay Hydrated

Yes, hydration is key for our health and wellbeing, as well as lovely skin; we should all know that by now. But did you know just how important it is to stay hydrated in order to sleep well?

Try to drink at least 1.5 litres, if not 2, throughout the day at regular intervals. Avoid drinks pumped full of sugar and caffeine in general, but especially in the evening. Drinking enough water contributes to our sleep patterns, and helps us drift off into a deep sleep without interruptions. Just make sure you don’t drink too much before bed, as you’ll be up going to the toilet all night if you’re not careful!

Water can be boring, so try adding sugar-free squash, or fresh fruit to the bottle (cucumber is also very refreshing) to liven it up.

Healthy Breakfasts

Eating healthy is recommended by nutritionists at all times of the day, but breakfast is something we should all be making time for.

In hectic day-to-day life, eating breakfast is something many of us skimp on, or skip completely in some cases. And grabbing something on the go is nowhere near as healthy as making time for a fresh bowl of fruit and yogurt, or hearty porridge. If you have to be out of the house early and rarely have time for a sit-down meal first thing, try and prepare a healthy breakfast the night before. There’s plenty of recipe inspiration out there for overnight oats, or fruit smoothies; both of which can be made in advance and eaten on the go, too.

They say it’s the most important meal of the day, and even though it’s at the time when you’re furthest from going to bed, eating breakfast is important in regulating melatonin production, which means you’re likely to get a better night’s sleep come the evening time.

Quality Bedding

High-quality bedding, including your mattress, is vital for getting enough sleep.

Investing in a comfortable mattress will help you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep from the get-go. After all, there’s nothing better than sinking into your bed after a long day at work. Before investing in a new mattress, conduct some prior research to ensure you’re getting the best for your sleeping habits (and your partner’s too). For example, if you sleep on your front, a firmer mattress can help your posture and prevent you from waking each time someone else moves in the bed.

Make sure you also have the right pillows – after all, memory foam is amazing but it’s not right for everyone, as are particular types of feather pillows.

Just a few minutes’ research should help you on your quest for the right bedding, and from that, an amazing night’s sleep going forward.