This is Why you Should buy the Sleepeezee Memory Pocket 2000 Divan Set

It can be incredibly difficult to choose the right type of bed to suit your specific needs, including your available bedroom space and your existing decor. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a new bed. But at the heart of every decision is the need for comfort and a good night’s sleep. This is why many of us opt for Sleepeezee beds because of their positive customer reputation and high quality craftsmanship. Below we explore why you should buy the Sleepeezee Memory Pocket 2000 Divan Set and its many benefits.


You want a bed that looks comfortable and inviting and is contemporary in its design, and this is exactly what you get with the Pocket 2000. Its modern and compact design has been specifically created for the modern bedroom and to be placed with modern furniture and furnishings. It has been beautifully upholstered with a quilted top cover that is soft to the touch, resembling a pillow, alongside a sturdy quilted border.

Super-soft Materials

Your chosen bed should feel soft and luxurious, and the Pocket 2000 certainly delivers on this promise. The top cover of the mattress comprises of a soft knit texture, which will not irritate the skin as you sleep. What’s even better is that this protective covering features cool plus technology that keeps your skin at just the right temperature, while also keeping any moisture away from the skin and mattress, helping you to achieve a restful night’s sleep. Another huge bonus is that all the materials used are hypoallergenic, meaning they are suitable for everyone, even those who are allergic to dust mites.

Memory Foam Comfort

The Sleepeezee Pocket 2000 Divan blends a memory foam mattress with 2000 pocket springs to create a bed that is both comfortable and relaxing. The deep memory foam layer is held securely in place by many tuft fibres, which adds to the comfort and luxurious feeling of this mattress. Memory foam mattresses have become the popular choice for those suffering from back, hip and neck problems, as this material easily shapes itself to the body, helping to support those aching muscles and joints. When you move, the mattress springs back into place.

The 2000 pocket springs are constructed from recycled steel, working with the memory foam to create added support while you sleep. This makes the mattress suitable for two people of differing weights, as they prevent you from rolling towards each other.

Range of Finishes and Sizes

When you opt for the Pocket 2000 you also have a choice of finishes, allowing you to truly personalise your bed and to match it to your bedroom decor. You have a choice of two divan types and storage options and you can even choose from a varied range of deluxe covers. You also have the option of different sizes, starting from a single divan up to a king size model.

When it comes to storage options, you can choose from ottoman styled storage or pull out drawers. Divan beds with storage are a great option when you have limited storage space in the bedroom, or even if you want additional storage for sheets, duvet covers and towels.

Designed With Air Flow

Your chosen mattress needs to keep you cool during the cold winter months and comfortable on those long summer nights. The Pocket 2000 comes with inbuilt air flow. This is in the form of small vents that are made with a chrome finish, running throughout the core of the mattress. What these air vents help to achieve is a constant air flow, which not only helps to regulate skin temperature and aid comfort, but which also keeps the mattress feeling fresh, while preventing the growth of mould and mildew. This technology will also help the mattress to stay fresher for longer.

Easy to Care and Position Mattress

One consideration as we get older is how we will move and position our mattress, especially when they are big and on the heavy side. The good news with the Pocket 2000 is that this mattress does not need to be turned, due to the fact that it has integrated air vents and is made from memory foam. As for positioning the mattresses, this is made incredibly easy with the use of firmly stitched handles that are on the sides of the mattress. So it’s a mattress that requires very little maintenance and is very easy to reposition when needed.

The Sleep Shop offers a wide range of Sleepeezee beds and mattresses, including the Pocket 2000 Divan Bed Set. To learn more about this bed, please do browse our website today.