Sleepeezee Wins Two Prestigious Which? Best Buy Awards

Renowned mattress manufacturer Sleepeezee has been lauded by Which? after two of the brand’s mattresses were recognised in the 2019 Which? Best Buy Awards.

What are Which? Best Buys?

Which? Best Buy Awards are designed to help consumers pick out the very best products in a wide variety of markets, with mattresses being just one of many categories covered. Which? independently tests and reviews products based on a huge range of factors including quality, durability and value for money. When they award a product with the Which? Best Buy seal of approval, it’s a sure sign consumers will get a fantastic quality product.

When it comes to testing mattresses, Which? pull out all the stops to ensure they have a full understanding of how the product will perform over a 10-year period. They buy each mattress themselves in order to remain impartial, and then they conduct a series of laboratory tests to assess quality, comfort and value for money.

Body Support

Comfort is a major factor to consider when buying a mattress. We all have different preferences when it comes to the firmness of a mattress, but a good mattress should always be able to deliver adequate support to the back, neck and shoulders to ensure comfortable sleep, night after night. Which? takes 36 body measurements from a range of different people with different body types, and has them lay on each tested mattress to establish how adequately their spines are supported. A good mattress should keep the spine in exactly the same position when a person is laid on their back as it is when they are standing. It should also keep a person’s spine parallel with the mattress when they are laid on their side. Which? tests these factors thoroughly to determine the level of support, and therefore comfort, a mattress delivers.


Body support isn’t the only factor considered in the Which? lab tests. They also assess the stability of each mattress, which is vital for a good night’s sleep. A stable mattress will help to prevent you from waking in the night when your partner turns over or moves. With an oscilloscope, Which? counts the number of times a mattress bounces after impact before settling. The less bounce, the more chance of an undisturbed night’s sleep.


Mattresses are investments that should last for several years – nobody wants to buy a mattress that becomes lumpy and uncomfortable after just a year or two’s use. Which? are able to simulate 10 years of use on a mattress by rolling heavy barrels across the surface thousands of times. The poorest quality mattresses will tear open during this process, while others may soften or harden throughout, which could affect their ability to support the body adequately. This test allows Which? to understand how each mattress changes during use and to highlight the mattresses which are most durable and therefore offer the best value for money.

For Sleepeezee to have bagged Which? Best Buy status on two of its mattresses is a fantastic feat. It proves that these two winning mattresses will provide you with fantastic sleep quality for many years to come.

Lexington Beautyrest Boutique

The first Sleepeezee Best Buy is the Lexington Beautyrest Boutique Mattress. The mattress combines traditional pocket springs and Softech pocket springs – 1800 in total – with memory foam and Staycool gel. This combination allows the mattress to contour easily around the shape of the body and provide excellent support while regulating body temperature. Plus, it helps to relieve pressure points which means you won’t wake up feeling stiff or achy in the morning.

An added bonus is that this mattress doesn’t require turning over; to maintain its longevity simply rotate it head to foot with each season. Sleepeezee guarantee 10 years of quality with the Lexington Beautyrest Boutique Mattress, and the new Which? Best Buy status offers extra confirmation of this mattress’s durability. It truly is fantastic value for money.

Hybrid 2000

The more affordable Hybrid 2000 Mattress is also a Which? Best Buy, proving that there are top quality Sleepeezee mattresses available for all budgets. This mattress has a generous total of 2000 pocket springs divided into two layers, with a comfort foam layer in between and Staycool Gel above. This means fantastic body support and excellent temperature regulation.

High density and soft polyester layers lay just beneath the quilted knitted cover and these help to minimise rebound and bounce, which means less nighttime waking when moving or turning. Finally, chrome vents on the sides of the mattress make it breathable and help to keep you cool during sleep. The Which? Best Buy status of the Hybrid 2000 proves that this is a comfortable, supportive and durable mattress at an affordable price.

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