Serious Night Time Health Problem Has its Day!

People across the globe are about to have their “eyes opened” to one of the most common problems on the planet, as World Sleep Day celebrates its 12th year on 15th March.

Bed-related publicity and campaigns often have their light side of course. After all, beds instantly come to mind when you ask people what their favourite place is to relax, escape, pursue leisure interests or get intimate with their partner!

However, World Sleep Day is designed to show that beds aren’t always used for their main purpose effectively enough! In fact, according to the official event press release: sleep is “a human privilege that is often compromised by the habits of modern life”.

How Big a Problem is Poor Sleep?

Millions of people worldwide find their bed doesn’t help them to get the rest they need for good health and wellbeing. Which means World Sleep Day has been organised to provide vital information on the best ways to prevent and manage sleep disorders.

Perhaps you are fortunate enough to sink into a luxurious bed each night – such as the 5ft King Size Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Mattress – and immediately drift into a natural pattern of sleep?

Unfortunately, for around 45% of people sleep is much harder to come by. Around 16 million people in the UK alone suffer from periods of poor slumber or even full-blown insomnia.


These are the people driving on roads each day, operating heavy machinery or carrying out other essential functions, without having had enough sleep to promote good levels of concentration and alertness!

Though most sleep problems are treatable – and even preventable – research shows that less than a third of people ever ask for help.

The Importance of Sleep for Good Health

As the World Sleep Society points out in its run up its annual event, most adults need between seven and eight hours of quality slumber every night, to protect both their physical and mental health. Duration is not the only goal though. The best, most restorative sleep also involves continuity (seamless slumber) and depth (transitioning through the cycle including multiple REM phases).

If any of these things fall short, you could find yourself with poor energy and mood, or significant health problems. According to Public Health England: “Links between a lack of sleep and high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes are emerging. It also makes us more vulnerable to infection and raises the risk of accident and injury.”

Sleep Slows the Aging Process.

Poor sleep could also lead to premature cell aging and increased risk of cancer! For this reason, the slogan of World Sleep Day 2019 is “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging.”

According to event spokesperson Dr Erik St. Louis (Co-Director of the Mayo Center for Sleep Medicine in USA): “Recent research has shown the importance of adequate amounts of sleep for brain health, since during sleep, the brain washes away toxins that can potentially damage the aging brain that accumulate during the day while we’re awake. Sleep also keeps the brain’s wiring and connections healthy and working at their best, especially when learning and remembering new things from earlier in the day.”

World Sleep Day is also supported by Thrive Global. Arianna Huffington, the founder and CEO, added: “The profound importance of sleep in having a healthy, happy and long life never wanes.”

Children need more sleep than adults of course. This provides them with enough energy and concentration for healthy development and learning.

Sources of Help for Sleep Problems

World Sleep Day on 15th March is not just about making people aware of the problem. It also aims to raise the profile of solutions, and the ways that millions of people can improve their health and mood through better sleep habits.

Event supporter Thrive Global includes some great tips on sleep and general wellbeing on its website (

One of the most obvious ways to improve how long and how well you sleep is sometimes the most overlooked solution. Improved sleep could hinge on a better bed!

It’s impossible to know just how many people are laying on inadequate mattresses for their body shape, posture and slumber needs. Indeed, many could be suffering the consequences of disturbed and uncomfortable nights, due to poking springs, sagging mattresses or uneven bed frames.

For this reason, The Sleep Shop is using World Sleep Day to highlight an important fact.

You spend a third of your life in bed and sleep is crucial to health, making it essential to invest in high-quality sleep solutions. Options such as the 5ft King Size Sleepeezee Ortho Ultimate 2000 Mattress cost less than many annual gym fees or a week’s holiday in the sun. Yet, it would be used daily for over 7 hours and would last for many years. The effects could even stay with you for a lifetime.

The Friendly Team

For more details about how our beds promote better sleep year-round – and our support of World Sleep Day on 15th March – get in touch with the friendly team at The Sleep Shop.