How to Sleep Better Together

One of the most common complaints people have in modern life is that they feel tired all the time. There can be many things that can cause a person to miss out on sleep, but one of the most common things linked to a decreased ability to get a good night’s sleep is sharing a bed with a partner. Having less personal space, being unable to adopt your preferred sleeping position, the constant shifts in the position of your partner and any noises they might make can all make it harder for us to sleep when we share a bed. Nevertheless, for many of us, sharing a bed is a sacred and essential part of being in a committed relationship. If sharing a bed is keeping you awake at night, here are some tips that might help get you back to sleep without having to go to the spare room.

Double up on the Linens

Your 5ft King Size Mammoth Performance 240 Mattress may be supremely comfortable, and it may look its best when it is decked out in a beautiful comforter, but that single blanket can become a battleground in the night. You know the story; one partner rolls over in the middle of the night, taking the entire blanket with them, then the other partner gets cold and tugs the blanket their way, taking more than their fair share in the process. It certainly isn’t conducive to a restful night’s sleep, and it may be necessary to compromise a little. Instead of making up the bed with a single, large comforter, try a pair of twin-size comforters and twin-size top sheets. When each of you is comfortable wrapped in their own blanket, you can both tug and roll as much as you like without disturbing your partner when you do. And with separate blankets, you can each tailor your warmth level to your own preferences.

Find your Position

Cuddling feels great for intimacy, but it isn’t often the best position to promote a good night’s sleep, especially when temperatures are high in the summer. Avoid overcrowding your partner by trying one of the following snuggle positions:

– The spacious spoon: snuggling without the heat! Start by taking up the ‘big spoon’ position, but place a bolster between your legs. This will take the strain off your back and help create space between you and your partner. Then gently place your arm over your partner for a soft cuddle; it works whether they sleep on their stomach, back or side!

– Hand-in-hand: ideal for people who sleep on their back. Lay down side-by-side, using a bolster or a pillow to support the small of your back. Allow your hands to meet each other’s in the middle, giving you a warm touch without encroaching on your space. The 5ft King Size Sealy ActivSleep Geltex Pocket Euro Top 2800 Mattress is perfect for this position, as it provides optimal support all over the body and is breathable enough to ensure you never overheat.

– Cheek-to-cheek: no, this isn’t about the face! If you really need your space but still want to feel the warmth of your partner, simply roll over so you are each facing away from one another. From here, snuggle together so your backs and bottoms touch – comfort and intimacy all in one.

The Value of Support and Comfort

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, it really helps to relieve pressure by having a little extra support where you need it. Sharing with a partner can be problematic because their weight, coupled with their movements through the night, may change the contours of the mattress, making you less comfortable as you try to sleep. On some mattresses, it may be helpful to use a pillow or bolster to provide support for certain areas of the body and maintain good spinal alignment. Alternatively, a quality mattress like the 5ft King Size Relyon Express Collection Wool Silk Cashmere 1390 Mattress can help maximise your comfort, adhering to the shape of your body and not allowing one side of the bed to be adversely affected by the presence of someone on the other side. It’s a no-brainer that comfort is essential to good sleep, so make sure you are doing all you can to make yourselves comfortable.

Committing to a Change

Purchasing the right mattress can make all the difference to you and your partner sleeping better together. The worst thing you can do is ignore the problem and hope it will go away. Loss of sleep can lead to increased stress and make you less productive throughout your day. And the last thing you want is to start resenting your partner for ruining your sleep.