How to Choose your Child’s Bed

Remember when you were a kid, and all you wanted was a bed shaped like a car, or a cloud or even a glass slipper? Your child’s imagination is a precious thing and they are probably dreaming of a fun bed just like you were at their age.

The good news is, today you have so much choice that you can let your children have the bed of their dreams without compromising on quality and workmanship. But what do you have to consider when buying a bed? It can be a minefield, but we have put together some simple tips to help you choose the perfect bed for your children.

Tips for Choosing a Kid’s Bed

Children are expensive and they grow up so quickly that choosing the right bed for your child needs some careful consideration. There are many factors that you should take into account before making your decision, so here are some tips for making that important purchase:

Get the Child Involved

If the child is old enough, then let them have a say in the type of bed they want. This will help them to have a sense of ownership over the bed and if it’s one that they have helped choose, then they will probably be happier with the bed and be more willing to go to sleep at night. If a child is looking forward to going to bed, then it makes the whole night time routine so much easier!


Most children have very defined ideas of what they like or don’t like. It may be dinosaurs or Disney princesses; whatever it is, choosing a themed bed can help you to give your child something they love, whilst keeping the room décor less busy. Choosing something like the 3ft Single Julian Bowen Scorpion Racer Bed means that they will enjoy a fantastically fun bed and, if they grow out of the theme, you can simply replace the bed without having to redecorate the room too.

Invest in a Good Quality Mattress

A child’s body grows at an extraordinary rate and, therefore, you want to provide them with a mattress that gives their body the support it needs. Let the child try out the mattress for themselves so they can decide which one they prefer. This will make it a fun experience and they will enjoy sleeping on it, knowing they picked it out.

The great thing about our kids’ beds, including the 3ft Single Julian Bowen London Bus Bunk Bed or the 3ft Single Julian Bowen Pluto Midsleeper with Pink Star Tent, is that you can choose whichever mattress you like to go on the bed.

Think about a Mattress Protector

Hygiene is important in a kid’s bed so you might want to consider safeguarding the mattress by using a mattress protector. It will not only help preserve the life of the mattress but it can also help with allergies, enabling the child to sleep better at night. The same should go for pillows.

Look at the Build Quality and Safety

Children run and jump over their beds, so think about the build quality of the kid’s bed you choose. Models such as the 3ft Single Julian Bowen Sleep Station are made from solid oak which is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Be aware of cheaper alternatives that might not last as long.

Sleep stations, in particular, are incredibly versatile because they combine a study area with the actual bed – you should invest in one if you don’t want to buy a separate desk.

Good quality also means the bed will be safer for your child, however, you must consider the current guidelines which recommend the upper bunk is not suitable for children under the age of six. Many also come with a weight limit for the top bunk.

You may also want to place a battery-operated motion sensor light on the side of the ladder, so if your children need to climb down the ladder in the dark, they won’t fall as they’ll be able to see the steps clearly.

Consider Practicality

The final tip is to consider how practical the bed is. Does the child need a study space or will they be sharing the bedroom with a sibling in the future? In this case a bunk bed might be needed. Alternatively, is storage space something that is required? When you factor in all of these aspects, you should be in a position to choose the right bed for your child.

With the fantastic range of kids’ beds at The Sleep Shop, you will find a huge amount of inspiration. Whether it is a plain sturdy bed or a themed one, our staff will be able to guide you in the right direction.