Here’s Our 10 Tips for a Great Guest Bedroom

Furnishing and decorating your guest bedroom is often an afterthought when doing up your house. It’s easy to think of the guest room as somewhere to put unwanted presents or out of season clothes. However, the guests you have staying with you will most likely be your friends and family, so you want them to be comfortable and leave with a good impression of you and your home. The place they will sleep will leave a lasting impression, so make your guest bedroom, one you’d be happy to stay in.

1. The Guest Bed

The bed is the centrepiece of this room, so if you try to cut costs and end up with an uncomfortable bed, then anything else you do with the room will be for nothing. Someone who hasn’t been able to sleep won’t appreciate beautiful furnishings or good amenities.

Most guest rooms don’t have room for a double bed and even if they do, this might not be suitable for all occasions. There are many specially designed guest beds that have a second pull out bed built in.

 2. Wifi

Most guests who come to stay with you would rather connect to your wifi than use up their data. Having to ask can be awkward, especially if they need to connect multiple devices and have to ask several times. Prevent this from happening by displaying your wifi name and password in a creative way. Print out the details and frame them, so it’s always available for each of your guests.

3. Plug sockets

People will want to charge their phones and possibly their laptops too. Make sure that plug sockets are easy to reach and clearly available. If you want to go the extra mile, then include a universal charger for different phones, as there’s always someone who forgets to bring one.

4. Bedroom furniture

There are two essential items of furniture for a nice guest bedroom. The first is a small wardrobe. If your guests can hang up their clothes and not live out of their suitcases, then they will have a much more enjoyable stay. Often guests stay because you are attending an event together, if this is the case they won’t want to leave their suit or dress crumpled up. You just have to resist the urge to fill it up with all your winter coats.

The second item you will need is a bedside table. There’s always something people like to have to hand in the night – their phone, a drink of water, or their glasses. It’s much nicer to have a table for these things than leaving them on the floor.

5. Towels

Most people will bring their own towels, but these are sometimes forgotten or not considered at all. If you leave the guest towels in the bathroom, it can cause confusion with them not knowing which ones are for them to use. Leaving a nice towel for each guest in the bedroom makes life easier and avoids any confusion.

6. Full-length mirror

If your guest room has an en-suite bathroom, this may not be necessary. Guest rooms are usually small and the two main things they are used for is sleeping and dressing. Guests will feel much more comfortable if they have what they need to make themselves presentable in their own private space.

7. Bedside lamp

A bedside lamp is an inexpensive item that can make your guest’s stay much more comfortable and pleasant. They may like the light to read at night before bed. If they need to get up in the middle of the night, in unfamiliar surroundings, then a small light can be very helpful. It also makes it less likely that they’ll wake you up by tripping over their suitcase in the middle of the night.

8. Fresh flowers

Guest bedrooms can sometimes seem a little cold and bare. To make them more vibrant and welcoming, place a vase full of fresh flowers in the room on the morning your guests arrive. This also makes the bedside table seem a little less empty.

9. Space

It’s sometimes tempting to keep adding extra decorative items and throw pillows into the guest bedroom to make it look nice. This can be deceptive though, as while your guest room looks nice when there’s no one in it, once there is a guest and all their luggage is in their too, it can quickly become crowded. Make sure there is room for your guest and their luggage, while having space to move around and get ready.

10. Bath products and more

If you want to make your guest bedroom feel like a five-star hotel, then add a collection of miniature bath products; shampoo, shower gel, and sanitary products. Some people have trouble sleeping away from home so consider adding an eye mask and ear buds too.