A Company Profile – Kaydian

One of the finest producers of upholstered bedsteads, Kaydian are specialists in helping people realise their dream bedrooms thanks to their unique, quality and fantastic bed designs. Incorporated in 2004, this company has 15 years of experience in delivering some of the best bed designs in the UK.

Here are a few details of this amazing bed manufacturer, and some of the designs you can buy from us.

An Impressive Range of Bed Designs

Kaydian are known for their huge and impressive collection of bed designs. Their designs cover all tastes, so whether you’re looking for a traditional look in your bedroom or perhaps something that is a little more modern, Kaydian are sure to have designed it. They work with all sorts of materials including AAA grade leather, bycast leather, fabric, textiles and faux covers.

Kaydian don’t scrimp on their quality. All beds manufactured by the company are done so to British Standards 5852 and they incorporate only the best materials in their bed designs. Their factory is also vigorously and regularly audited and certified with relevant internationally recognised authorities.

The bed manufacturer is also very transparent about their working ethics. They publish their working practices openly through SEDEX. This means that you can be guaranteed that you aren’t just buying a brand that offers you the finest quality in bed furniture but also that they have the best working practices.

Testing on the products is very strict at Kaydian. They are tested to a greater level than market regulations state. This is to ensure that the materials used in the production of the fantastic bed designs are free from dangerous chemicals, banned substances or any toxins.

The company also ensures that all bed designs are such that they are safe as they can be through rigorous fire safety testing.

Caring for the Environment

Kaydian isn’t just about offering the best bed designs for your home. They’re also socially responsible. The company is committed to the environment and therefore has volunteered for their factory to be a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). The factory has to be regularly audited to check they are compliant with the voluntary measures that are set by the organisation for ethical and fair trade.

To help with their environmental contribution, the company has a central UK warehouse location, to reduce carbon emissions in getting beds to customers.

So, if you’re looking to buy from a brand that cares not just about your comfort at night and statement pieces for your bedroom, but also the environmental impact of their production, then you can’t go wrong with Kaydian.

Offering Beds with Style and Functionality

There are lots of bed designs available through the Kaydian range. They specialise in luxurious looking designs, but that doesn’t mean that their beds aren’t functional. Take for instance the five foot King Size Accent Storage Ottoman bed design. The stylish design contains a clever storage area that is accessed via a new lift-up system. This gives you a significantly larger space for storing items that you don’t need to access regularly.

The bed is raised above the ground thanks to the elegant hardwood feet. The items inside the storage area are kept fresh through an effective ventilation space.

But it isn’t just storage that is available through Kaydian. The brand also offers comfortable entertainment options, for example, the five foot, bed that includes a sound bar. The sound bar gives amazing audio quality with its three-way directional high-quality properties. The bed can accommodate an LED TV that is up to 42” big, which gives you an amazing screen size for when you want to watch your favourite television shows or films in bed.

The bed is easily accessible through the quiet and ultra slim lift mechanism. There is also an additional storage area for other media boxes should you require them for watching television.

These two-bed designs are just an idea of the vast array of design options available to you when you choose to buy a Kaydian brand television.

The Finishing Touches to your Bedroom

With the excellent design options available to you with a Kaydian brand, there is a host of available finishing touches that you can add. So, whether you are re-decorating or just looking for a new bed, then you should be happy with the range available from Kaydian.

Kaydian doesn’t just produce beds. They are also known for producing some great bedroom furniture items such as headboards, bedsides and chairs. This makes it so much easier to complete a bedroom design as you can choose one brand and use their matching products to create a stylish, matching look that will impress any guests.

Why not take a look at the stylish range that Kaydian offers at The Sleep Shop. We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.