Serious Night Time Health Problem Has its Day!   Recently updated !

People across the globe are about to have their “eyes opened” to one of the most common problems on the planet, as World Sleep Day celebrates its 12th year on 15th March. Bed-related publicity and campaigns often have their light side of course. After all, beds instantly come to mind […]

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Ottoman v Divans. Which Should you Choose?

There’s no question about it, a bed takes up a lot of floor space within the room. When you add in wardrobes, drawers and dressing tables, there’s barely enough room to get around without getting bruised shins! If you have a smaller room, using your bed for storage as well […]

An Eight Point Guide to What You May be Sleeping With

There are 300 times more invertebrates in the world than there are humans. In the average home, there are enough invertebrates to outweigh the average human occupant. It is of no surprise then, that you might find some of those beasties sharing your bed. Here are some of those bugs […]

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So, What Exactly is Sleep?

As our name might suggest, here at The Sleep Shop we’re focused on ensuring our customers have the best possible night’s sleep. But sleep isn’t a very easy concept to define. Napoleon Bonaparte swore by only four hours a night, while Albert Einstein liked more than 10 hours. There are […]

Why You Need A Mattress Protector

A complete bed is always going to be one of the biggest investments during the course of your lifetime, and the most expensive part of this will be the mattress. At The Sleep Shop, we believe that if you are going to pay a premium for a better night’s sleep, […]

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Can Your Pet Help You Sleep Better?

In a fast paced, technology-based world, where stress and anxiety levels are increasingly high, getting a good night’s sleep is vital and often difficult. Individuals report frequently resorting to medication and alcohol to help them sleep, but in doing so they often make the situation worse. Age and mental health […]

A Company Profile – Rauch

Looking to make a change to your bedroom? If you want to get yourself some new furniture, there’s so much more to think about than just the bed. The perfect bedroom has neat, tidy storage solutions – and you’ll find plenty on offer from Rauch. For over a century, this […]

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10 Winter Sleeping Tips

Thanks to long, cold nights, we spend more time in bed during this time of year than any other. As winter is here to stay for a little whidle longer, we’ve compiled this list of sleeping tips designed to keep you warm and cosy between the sheets. 1. Keep your […]

5 Ways to Love Your Bed More

Building a healthy relationship with your bed can improve the amount and quality of your sleep, enhancing your wellbeing and sense of routine and impacting your quality of life. It can’t be overstated – good sleep can change your life, and your body needs it. It’s why you ‘sleep on’ […]

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A Company Profile – Breasley

Derby-based Breasley is widely known as the UK’s top foam converter, and as a leading light in the bedding industry. It has managed to combine tried and trusted manufacturing techniques with innovation of the highest order, all wrapped up in a process of continual product development. From this comes Breasley’s […]