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Here’s a test for you: ask your friends what brand of mattress they sleep on. Chances are, a lot of them won’t know. Maybe they’ve never even thought about it. Now ask them what brand of car they drive. That’s a different story, right? So why does it matter? The […]

5ft King Size Sealy Nostromo Mattress.

Sealy Put the “P” in Posturepedic

Posturepedic Matresses. With a capital P When you’re choosing your new mattress, you don’t want to compromise on quality. A good night’s sleep is essential and if you suffer from back issues or pain when sleeping, you need to take the time to find the very best mattress for you […]

Stylish, Strong Storage

The average person probably spends more time in their bedroom than they do in any other room in the house. Taking the national average of eight hours sleep per day, plus getting ready in a morning, reading a book or a magazine before lights-out, using the computer, generally crashing out […]

Rauch Imperial (Height 235cm) 3 gliding mirror doors wardrobe (art1i32)

5ft King Size Mammoth Performance Pocket 3000 Mattress

Medical Grade Mattresses? Choose Mammoth   Recently updated !

It’s important, when choosing a mattress, for everybody to take their own unique requirements into account if they hope to get the good night’s sleep that they deserve. No two people are the same, and there is a mattress to suit everybody. Never is this more important than if you […]

Rolled Mattresses – Ready to Go!

Rolled mattresses offer great convenience and practicability. Of course, you might have some questions about buying one of these novel mattresses, such as "how long does it take to go from plastic-wrapped marshmallow to fully functioning mattress?" and "what are the benefits of buying a rolled mattress over a standard […]

5ft King Size Silentnight Studio Standard Mattress

5ft King Size Rest Assured British Wool Collection SOFTER mattress

British is Best – Say Hello to the British Wool Collection

Nobody should have to put up with a sub-standard mattress. Given that we spend somewhere between a quarter and a third of our lives in bed, it only makes sense that we choose a mattress that is comfortable, and that offers the kind of support we need for a good […]

Introducing Studio by Silentnight

The new Studio range from Silentnight represents some of their best memory foam mattresses to date. Already market leaders for their innovative approach to engineering comfortable and functional mattresses, Silentnight have now created a flagship product and one that has already been hailed as the ‘most comfortable ever’ by some […]

6ft Super King Size Silentnight Studio Standard Mattress

5ft King Size Kaydian Lanchester Storage Ottoman - FE Lift

Sleeping Storage Solutions

When you’re choosing furniture for a new bedroom or looking to upgrade an old room to something a little more modern, one of the first things you should consider is storage. The bedroom is one of the places that can easily become cluttered, with anything from clothes and extra bedding […]

Pillow Perfection: Choosing the Right Pillow for You

A good night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold for today’s busy society, whether it’s because of young children, a busy career or just plain old insomnia. A solid eight hours is essential for functioning properly, and the right pillow can go a long way to turning a sleepless […]

Silentnight Geltex Pillow

5ft King Size Sealy Jubilee Ortho Posturepedic Anniversary Mattress

Do You Need a Posturepedic Mattress?

You may have heard the term “Posturepedic” being used when reading or hearing about mattresses, but do you know what it actually means? The Posturepedic spring system is designed and used exclusively by mattress manufacturer Sealy, and it’s ideal for those looking for extra support while they sleep. If you’re […]