Counting Sheep in Tranquil Scenes   Recently updated !

The concept of counting sheep as an exercise for inducing sleep has lingered in our social memory for generations. It has mainly existed as a stereotype rather than a practice which has any basis as a genuine solution for managing insomnia. Whether this curious method truly works has always been […]

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Sleepeezee Wins Two Prestigious Which? Best Buy Awards

Renowned mattress manufacturer Sleepeezee has been lauded by Which? after two of the brand’s mattresses were recognised in the 2019 Which? Best Buy Awards. What are Which? Best Buys? Which? Best Buy Awards are designed to help consumers pick out the very best products in a wide variety of markets, […]

This is Why you Should buy the Sleepeezee Memory Pocket 2000 Divan Set

It can be incredibly difficult to choose the right type of bed to suit your specific needs, including your available bedroom space and your existing decor. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a new bed. But at the heart of every decision is the […]

5ft King Size Sleepeezee Memory Pocket 2000 Divan Set

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Do You Have a Sleep Disorder?

Many people struggle with sleeping, from waking up in the night to struggling to fall asleep to sleeping too much. At The Sleep Shop, we are passionate about giving you the very best night’s sleep, so take a look at our guide to sleep disorders. A sleep disorder is categorised […]

Here’s Our 10 Tips for a Great Guest Bedroom

Furnishing and decorating your guest bedroom is often an afterthought when doing up your house. It’s easy to think of the guest room as somewhere to put unwanted presents or out of season clothes. However, the guests you have staying with you will most likely be your friends and family, […]

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Losing Sleep Through Snoring? Try These Tips

Nearly 1 in 2 adults snore. That’s a pretty amazing statistic – it means if you’re not a snorer yourself, inevitably you’ll know somebody who is. Perhaps you’ve got a partner whose heavy breathing shakes the whole bed, or maybe your mother snores so loudly she keeps the kids awake […]

Inspire Your Bedroom with Kingstown Bedroom Furniture

Is your bedroom more drab than fab? Instead of a peaceful oasis is it more like a jumble sale of mismatching furniture? Then you need some design inspiration to create the bedroom of your dreams. Kingstown bedroom furniture has been manufactured in Britain since 1976, and the company is the […]

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Insomnia: What is it and How can you Treat it?

Do you have trouble settling down to sleep and staying asleep? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. We all need a good night’s sleep to keep our body and mind healthy, and when we have prolonged periods of poor sleep, or no sleep at all, then […]

Do You Get that Sinking Feeling?

Roughly one-third of our life is spent asleep. That’s around 227,468 hours snuggled up under the duvet. And researchers repeatedly tell us that the quality of our ‘shut-eye’ has a huge impact on the rest of our day. A restless night tossing and turning on a sagging mattress can have […]

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A guide to Mattress Fillings

It is recommended that we change our mattress every 7 years. This helps ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, and enables you to replace an existing saggy mattress with one that provides adequate support and stability for your body. Among the many factors to consider when choosing a […]