This Morning Presenter Dr Ranj has a huge connection to Sleepeeze

Before he became a medical professional and TV star, This Morning’s very own Dr Ranj worked in a factory making beds for Sleepeezee. At the age of 18, Dr Ranj started working at the Sleepeezee Bed Factory in Kent when his mum got him the job alongside his brother. Although […]

5ft King Size Mammoth Performance 220 Mattress

A Company Profile – Mammoth   Recently updated !

Mammoth is a world-renowned company known for its high-quality, affordable and medical-grade mattresses. They make modern mattresses that combine practicality with beautiful materials to enable every individual to have a great night’s sleep. The focus of every Mammoth mattress is very much upon staying healthy, improving your quality of life, […]

Adjustable Beds: Adjust the Way you Sleep

Adjustable beds were once only seen in care homes or hospitals, but new technology and designs mean they can be used at home for anyone with mobility or chronic pain issues. All the adjustable beds available have a range of positions and adjustments that offer different sleeping positions for your […]

5ft King Size Mammoth Adjustable SuperSoft 22 Adjustable Bed.

5ft King Size Myers Ultimate Natural 2000 Mattress

A Company Profile – Myers

Founded in 1876 by Horatio Myer, Myer’s has a long and distinguished history of manufacturing outstandingly comfortable beds. Making beds since the reign of Queen Victoria, Myer’s wealth of experience and ability to stay at the forefront of emerging technology has maintained the company’s position as one of the world’s […]

Bunk Bed and Sleepstation Fun

Kids deserve a great night’s sleep too! It can aid concentration at school and give them the energy to play and learn throughout the day. But that doesn’t mean bedtime can’t be fun! Find out more about our new favourite youngster beds below. Kids will love these beds, which go […]

3ft Single Julian Bowen Bedsitter Bunk Bed

comfortable boxed

The Deeper the Mattress, The Better. True or False?

At the end of a long day, your bed can be a very welcome sight. In fact, sometimes it’s hard not to daydream about the moment you can sink on to your mattress and cocoon yourself in soft bedclothes. For some people, the best bed is one with a deep […]

How Important are Headboards?

The headboard of our bed isn’t something most of us spend much time considering. We’ve most likely always had one. From your very first bed to the one you have now, you’ve probably been sleeping beneath one for your whole life. It’s rare to find a bed that doesn’t have […]

5ft King Size Silentnight Anniversary Bloomsbury Headboard

5ft King Size Sleep Shop Supreme Divan Base

Bedroom Colour Coding, Can Your Decor Make a Big Difference?

Decorating your bedroom is a chance to express your creativity and personality. Most of us will spend hours examining colour charts to find the perfect colours for our walls and furnishings. But, did you know that the colours of your bedroom can directly affect how you sleep? The Psychology of […]

Gadgets to Help you Snooze

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead after a great night’s sleep. Although laptops and mobile devices should be limited before going to bed, there are many gadgets on the market which can in fact help you get a […]

5ft King Size Sleep Shop Seasons Supreme Mattress

5ft King Size Relyon Pocket Ultima Mattress

A Company Profile – Relyon

In 1858 a family of wood merchants from Somerset established the foundations of what would become one of the most popular and praised mattress and bed manufacturers in the world. Mattresses to "Rely On" The Price Brothers and Co. were determined that mattresses could be, to put it simply, better. […]